New Lotus RT 180º Rotation Standing Desk Wins Design Award

Fellowes recently expanded its Lotus Sit-Stand Workstation line to fit diverse work styles. The innovative design was recognized by the international Spark Award, winning Gold for 2018 fall product launches.

Award judges noted the design distinction in RT which features dynamic Tri-Motion 180º rotation at the base and 180 º work surface rotation. This gives the user the versatility to effortlessly sit, stand, collaborate or shift the workstation aside with new inspiration.

Perfect for small work spaces, the RT standing desk uses a micro clamping system, leaving more desk space and maximized range of motion. The sturdy design of the Lotus RT securely locks into place and prevents sinking while typing. The clamp mounting system allows for minimal footprint installation and even works near cube walls and fits a variety of desk configurations.

The signature waterfall design of the Lotus Sit-Stand series enhances productivity with a distinctive flowing work space that moves with you. The cord management system also contributes to the smooth flow of motion, keeping computer cables under control with every change in direction.

The dynamic flexibility of RT is part of a greater wellness objective by Fellowes to increase opportunities for healthy physical movement throughout the work day.

The RT Offers More Than Just Sitting and Standing.


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