Fellowes AeraMax Professional Air Purifier Wins Excellence in Design Award.




Fellowes Brands wins the Excellence in Design Silver Award for the AeraMax™ Professional Air Purifier featuring new PureView™ technology.

The judges of Appliance Design Magazine’s annual award recognized AeraMax Professional for its user-friendly PureView air monitoring, an innovation that sets the Pro apart in the commercial air treatment sector.  Now occupants can see for themselves—simply, and in plain sight—how seriously facility managers take indoor air quality and the need for a truly clean environment. PureView™ shows the status of the current room air quality including the percentage of particles captured and removed from the air by the unit.


The displays also detect harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odors in the adjacent air, providing a visual readout to determine the presence of the obnoxious—and noxious— pollutants. The PureView™ units offer two viewing modes: PM2.5 and PM10. In PM2.5 mode, the unit measures the PM2.5 particles, like viruses, germs, and smoke, in the air, as well as the amounts outputted by the unit. In PM10 mode, the unit measures the larger PM10 particles coming in and out of the unit.

The AeraMax Professional is available in two models for purifying the air in areas of 300-700 square feet, and 600 to 1200 square feet. A floor stand model is also available.

See the Professional in action: Demo Video






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