A Green Shredder Solution That Saves Consumers Money

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Fellowes Brands was looking for ways to manage paper shredder inventory with greater sustainability in mind. Here is how their refurbished paper shredder program improved sustainability and offered consumers savings on paper shredders.

A Greener Solution That Saves Green

The United States produces more electronics-based waste (also known as e-waste) annually than any other country. Americans throw away 9.4 million tons of electronics every year. According to the EPA, only 12.5% of that waste is recycled. The remaining 87.5% of that e-waste ends up in landfills across the country.

In an effort to help combat this wastefulness, Fellowes Brands began refurbishing returned shredders, instead of disposing of them, and offering these machines to consumers at a special price. This initiative has greatly reduced the number of shredders that end up in landfills and gives savings opportunities to shredder users. Due to the success of this program, Fellowes now offers a variety of refurbished shredders in their online outlet store, allowing consumers to get a quality shredder at a great price.  Select a Refurbished Paper Shredder.

Quality Intact

Refurbished machines are often new shredders that were returned because the original purchasers changed their minds about the model they bought. Without a refurbished policy, these new shredders would end up in the trash. By establishing a strict testing standard for all returned shredders, Fellowes Brands can ensure the same reliable quality for refurbished shredders that has become to be expected from new machines. Each refurbished shredder is rigorously tested by Fellowes technicians to ensure lasting performance and comes with a one-year warranty.

A Recent Refurbished Shredder Review

“I purchased this as a refurbished unit directly from the Fellowes online site. It was shipped right away for free, and I received it in just three days. I was very pleased with the packing and condition of the shredder… it didn’t look at all like a refurbished unit, but like a brand new one.”   Dzpilot

A Win For Consumers

Small businesses and start-ups on a budget can now get quality shredder protection for less. Consumers with a commitment to sustainability efforts can feel good about purchasing a Fellowes Brands refurbished shredder purchase.

Learn about other  Fellowes Brands Sustainability Efforts


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