The Waste Management Staple for Food Truck Festivals

recyclable waste containers for food truck festivals

With the success of food trucks come food truck festivals, engaging foodies in neighborhoods across America, and sometimes becoming large scale events with live music and a variety of vendors. With so many participants the issue of waste management usually becomes a major part of the event planning, involving a crew of workers emptying community waste containers through the duration of the festival. With so much waste, however, the volume usually surpasses the capacity of standard park or city receptacles. Even if more temporary waste containers are added, the need to regularly empty those containers during the event and retrieving, cleaning and storing those containers after the event becomes a major task for any festival planner.

A New Green Solution Makes Festival Waste Management Easy

The Recyclable Waste Containers from Bankers Box are disposable in themselves. This means no need for continuous emptying. Each container is a recyclable container that can be removed in its entirety from the event site and disposed of environmentally.

recyclable waste container

Key Waste Container Value Points for Event Planners

  • Strong handles make the containers easy to lift and move
  • Easy assembly-each container assembles in minutes
  • A 4 point cinch holds any liners in place
  • Bins may come with lids indicating different contents for each container
  • Different sizes offer versatility



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