The Five Worst Dogs for Dander

pet air purifier for dog dander

Your dog may be the culprit for your allergies. Some breeds produce more dander, which can aggravate allergy sensitivity. Select a pet air purifier if you have one of these breeds.

German Shepherds

German Shepherds are more likely to develop dry skin which leads to scratching, which leads to dander in the air. Along with your using your air purifier, also bath and groom your dog regularly.


Akitas have a lovely coat, which unfortunately shreds in spring and fall, leaving indoor air rife with allergens. If you have this breed, you most likely will crank up the air purifier to fend off fall and spring allergies along with pet dander.

Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute has a biannual “blow coat” along with constant daily shedding. Use a shedding tool to minimize airborne particles and let your pet air purifier do the rest.

Labrador Retriever

Labs have deceptively short coats, but they do shred frequently. Be sure to change your air purifier filters regularly to maintain a dander-free household.

Great Pyrenees

This heavy coated breed produces tons of dander. If you have this dog regularly bath him or her with follicle dilating shampoos.

Dogs Can Have Allergies Too!

In addition to your allergies, your dog may be suffering as well. Allergies to both airborne pollutants and food can cause skin irritation in some breeds, which can contribute to excessive shedding and dander. If your dog itches frequently, sneezes often or experiences symptoms like vomiting, they may have allergies. According to one recent study, nearly 8 percent of dogs presented to a referral vet dermatology practice had food allergies, which represented about a third of all the dogs presented there with allergic skin disease.


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