Three Durable Phone Case Solutions Designed for Tradesmen

phone cases for contractors

Choosing phone cases is usually based on your device first, color second. But when you work in industries like plumbers, electricians and construction workers do, protecting your phone is essential. Specially designed BodyGlove phone cases are perfectly suited for durability, as well as providing color choices and device compatibility that any tradesmen needs from the ideal phone case.

Taking into consideration, the rough environment of construction sites, BodyGlove created a line of impact resistant phone cases. The ShockSuit, phone cases ToughSuit, phone cases and the specially designed waterproof  Optrix phone case deliver ultimate protection for a contractor’s phone in three different shock-absorbing models.

The ShockSuit design provides three times the protection of the average cell phone case. The gel material absorbs the impact of everyday drops and bumps for roofers and workers on ladders. Constructed of 3 layers, a built-in screen protector, and covered buttons and ports, this phone case meets military drop test standards.

The ToughSuit is equipped with a hard polycarbonate shell that snaps around the device and provides an additional gel layer for a combination of hard and soft protection that keeps your phone intact. Ideal when your phone comes into contact with heavy equipment. Keep your device secure and easy to access with the included holster, which clips onto belts.

Choose the Optrix  for iPhone for when you are working in the rain or drop your smartphone in a flooding basement. The ideal phone case for plumbers or sanitation crews cleaning up after a flood. Even submerged to 33 feet your iPhone is safe. Also your iPhone is fully protected from impact. Optrix features ultra-rugged iPhone housings including polycarbonate Unibody technology which is vastly stronger than plastic “clam-shell” style cases, providing complete protection against drops, bumps, scratches, rain, snow, dust, dirt, sand and more.

Learn more about waterproof capabilities of the Optrix: Protecting Your Phone from Water

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