The Best Laminator for Printables

personal laminator

There is literally a free printable for everything.  Make organizing your life and home easier by using free templates and a personal laminator.


Get this personal laminator for printables. Then make these great printable projects!

Manage Meal Planning

free printable menu planner

Meal planning can keep dinner nutritious by ensuring you have all the food groups lined up for supper. It also ends the frustration of last-minute meal planning, which can usually lead to less healthy options. Just print and laminate this meal planner and dry erase for weekly dinner plans.

Keep Favorite Recipes Safe

free printable recipe card

Yes, the world has gone digital, so what happens to grandma’s chocolate chip cookie recipe? Some things need to stay on paper, so why not cherish your favorite recipes with laminated recipe cards. Pass them down to the next generation. A laminated card may be a novelty over a iPhone screen.

Organize Around the House

organizing tags

Adhesive tags tend to peel over time. But with laminated tags your info stays put so you can organize the basement or attic for fall or even the jars in your pantry.

Keep The Babysitter in the Loop

free printable info sheet

Sometimes, your cell phone number may not be enough when leaving the babysitter in charge. Provide a babysitter info sheet, so emergency numbers and your current location are always easily accessible. Just laminate so you can easily dry erase for the next night out.


Make Sure Everyone Shares in the Housework

printable chore chart

Teaching kids responsibility is much easier when you set a schedule and keep it.  A weekly chore chart lets everyone at home know what they need to do, no questions, no excuses. Duties can change easily, of course. Just dry erase and write in new chores and keep everyone up to date on their tasks.

Door Hangers Respect Privacy

free door hanger template

With preteens and teens, privacy becomes a priority. These fun door hangers give kids the option to let you know when they are busy with homework, just don’t feel like talking, or when they are ready to chat. Offer them door hangers to fit their mood (which changes quickly) so they know you know their privacy is important.

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