Five Red Flags To Look for When Moving the Office



Guest Blogger Karen Warner Corporate Moving Specialist

Throughout the office moving process, pay attention to these clear signals of disorganizing danger.


1. Slipping Off The Moving Timeline

Because you created the moving timeline, you may feel you can give yourself or others a little wiggle room. The value of the timeline however is to prevent deadlines being missed. Allowing for a gap in the timeline can cost time and money. Stay disciplined and keep yourself, other employees and movers on track.  

Download a Free Office Moving Timeline

2 Under-Ordering Supplies

Because of your office moving budget, you may feel that it is okay to not quite have enough moving boxes or supplies. But trying to squeeze past this red flag can lead to panic come moving day. You will probably end up paying too much for emergency boxes anyway. So if you have any cushion in your budget, make sure you have plenty of quality moving boxes and enough supplies. Too much is better than not enough.

3 Address the “I Don’t Knows”

As you coordinate your office move, you will be faced with questions from others and will have questions for others. If at anytime you find yourself answering “I don’t know,” or getting this as an answer from someone else–then this is a red flag. Immediately find answers to all unanswered questions as soon as you can. Don’t dismiss them as problems you can handle later. I don’t knows, at any point in the office moving process, can come back to haunt you later.

4. Boxes Marked Miscellaneous

As moving day approaches you will begin to see moving boxes piling up throughout the office. Take a few minutes to see how they are being labeled ( if you didn’t label them yourself). When other employees are left to manage packing their own office or cube, “miscellaneous” or “office stuff” may end up on the side of the box.  Have employees clearly label every box with details. If you see one mislabeled, get it fixed right away.

Red Flag: “It’s Okay, I’ll Recognize My Boxes. They Are The Ones Marked Miscellaneous”

5. Keep Tabs On Priority Boxes

There will be some boxes that need to be unpacked right away upon arrival. After all, you are a business, and even during an office move, work will need to get done. Make sure these boxes receive priority markings. Prompt the moving company about them so there is no confusion about their importance. Know who needs to unpack them and where at the new destination. Most importantly, know where these boxes are at all times during the moving process.

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