Five Signs It’s Time for a New Paper Shredder

You’ve been putting off that paper shredder purchase for a while now, even though the one you have might be jamming, noisy, or filling up just too fast. Here are some options to consider when making a personal shredder upgrade.

different paper shredders

  1. Current Paper Shredder Needs to Cool Down Too Often

When you’re shredding and you see that red light, you know your paper shredder needs a break. You may need to wait awhile until the machine cools down and is ready to shred again. If you’re using an office shredder, this can take a lot of time out of your work day.

Select a paper shredder with longer run time. Here is one office shredder that will let you shred for up to 30 minutes.

  1. Current Paper Shredder Fills Up Too Quickly

When you first bought it, the paper shredder bin capacity was probably okay for your needs. Now you may notice that you are shredding more and more often. It seems like you do nothing but empty that bin. It may be time to get a paper shredder with larger bin capacity, just more room for more shreds.

  1. Current Paper Shredder Jams

You may put up with paper jams, for awhile. Eventually tearing half-shredded sheets out of the cutters tries your patience. Select a personal shredder with 100% Jam Proof technology and say goodbye to paper jams.

  1. Current Paper Shredder is Just Too Loud

If you shred a little, a noisy shredder is a nuisance. If you shred a lot, then it becomes an aggravation. End that endless whirring and grinding that drives everybody at home or in the office crazy. Get an office shredder or a personal shredder with quiet performance features like SilentShred.

  1. Shredding Takes You Away from Other Work

Disposing of large quantities of documents, especially during tax season, can mean endless time standing in front of the office shredder. However, new automatic shredders are available that allow you to simply fill the bin, push a button and walk away. The new AutoMax shredders perform this task, shredding crumpled paper, stapled paper and paper clipped paper just as easily.  The new AutoMax shredders come in large office shredders versions and small office shredder sizes to meet different shredding demands.

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