Reaching Goals in 2015 with Customized Calendars

If you have plans for 2015, goals you want to achieve, then a customized calendar becomes more than just a place to write down  appointments, it becomes an outlook of goals you are striving to reach.

Fitness Calendar

Create a custom fitness calendar to stay on track with exercise regiment. Make weight loss objectives clearly defined—boost that New Year’s Resolution!

New Fitness

Finance Calendar

Getting your finances in order can be a daunting task. By determining your goals for paying down debt and mapping them out in a custom calendar, you create a discipline that helps you achieve financial freedom.


Creating Your Custom Calendar

1. Use a program such as Microsoft Publisher which already had calendar templates in place. You can customize them to fit any of your goals.

2. Bind the calendar. Use either a comb binding or wire binding to create a flexible calendar that can go on your refrigerator ( for fitness) or over your desk ( for finance) .

What Other Custom Calendars Can You Create?

1. A Bucket List Calendar-things you want to achieve in a year, places you want to go. Make them more than just wishes. Put them in writing!

2 Sales Goal Calendar- if you are running a business, giving your sales force obtainable goals with strong incentives can be a daily reminder of what they can achieve. Clarify those sales objectives in a calendar that hangs in their cubicle or on their office wall.

3. A Personal Best Calendar-If you are an athlete than reaching new benchmarks in your performance can be very gratifying. Creating a custom calendar that gives you new personal best goals can help you reach the performance level you need for a marathon!

Need Help Choosing a Binder?


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