Why Do Teachers Love Laminators?


You may have wondered why so much extraordinary excitement and zeal is expressed by teachers over something as mundane as laminating. There must be a bevy of office supplies that would conjure more interest and joy, you would think. But the relationship between teachers and laminators is one based on practical need and the inevitable reality of teachers working beyond expectations to help offer students the best educational tools.


With the high cost of teaching supplies, many teachers are forced to find creative ways to offer learning tools more cost-effectively to their students. Many dig into their own pockets to pay for additional materials that are not covered by school budgets. Beyond that, learning materials that are acquired eventually wear out and new ones are needed. This is where laminators come in.


With the right laminator a teacher can produce learning materials that are durable and custom made to fit a class. Flashcards can be made on any subject and once laminated can prevent tears and spills that would destroy paper or cardstock flashcards. In the hands of children, laminated flashcards can be reused year after year, saving teachers and school districts on supplies. Creative teachers can also customize, making specific flashcard decks for special education students, or students learning English as a second language. But laminators can go beyond flashcards.


Teachers can create dry erase worksheets that can be drawn on, scribbled on or even spilled on again and again and then reused the next day!

Teachers can also create:

  • Learning board games
  • Take home craft projects that will not fall apart
  • Lesson plans
  • Name plates for student desks

The Best Laminators

New laminators currently available from Fellowes feature InstaHeat Technology, allowing the machines to warm up in 30-60 seconds, eliminating the typically long wait for laminators to be ready. In addition, the new laminators feature AutoSense, which automatically adjust to changing pouch sizes so no manual adjustments are required. This feature is perfect for teachers who alter between card sized and letter sized lamination.

Browse the Fellowes website to pick the best laminator for teachers.

Find Free Laminating Templates for Education:Download templates

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