Auto Feed vs. Traditional Shredders: What Do You Need?

With the changing shredder industry the question of what type of shredder you need can be defined by two categories: the auto feed and the traditional shredder. Certainly automatic shredding sounds like the clear winner, but traditional shredders for some circumstances might be just as practical without the additional cost.







How Much Do You Shred?

If your shredding needs are limited to less than occasional, a traditional cross-cut shredder would suffice. Make sure it has all the features you want: jam proof performance, quiet performance or safety features. If you are shredding frequently and in large quantities, than auto feed shredders are the perfect choice. Traditional shredders require you to stand by and feed paper or other materials into them, but if shredding needs are infrequent, then this slight inconvenience may save you money. However, if shredding is a crucial and constant part of your business, then auto feed shredders can be extremely helpful by increasing office productivity or saving time in a home office environment where constant shredding is the norm.


I Only Have a Home Office-Aren’t Auto Feed Shredders for Big Business?

Not necessarily. If your home office is very busy and shredding is an essential part of your everyday office activities, then a small home office auto feed would be useful. New small business shredders are soon to be available at Fellowes, giving small companies and home-based companies who do a lot of shredding the same convenience and productivity of large corporate auto feed shredders.


Would a Large Company Ever Need Small Shredders?

Sometimes. If individual office workers are conducting a lot of shredding at their workstations, then having them make a trip to the commercial auto feed would be less productive. However, if those workstations were equipped with small business auto feed shredders, that productivity might actually increase.

Use this helpful shredder selector tool to make the best choice for your shredding needs: Shredder Tool.

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