What Makes a Great Home Office Shredder?


Unlike shredders at work, a shredder for the home office needs to take into consideration aspects of your home you just wouldn’t find at work, like kids and pets, for example. We may not think of our home office as a dangerous place for our kids or pets, but when you think about it, a shredder is at their level, making it very easy for small hands to reach inside.  You may say that you always make sure you unplug it when you are not around, but it only takes that one time you forgot to lead to a serious injury.

Shredder cutters are designed to do damage, even to the hand of a curious child or pet. Make sure you have a home office shredder equipped with important safety features. SafeSense technology for example automatically stops the shredder when hands (or paws) touch the shredder opening. This means you don’t have to unplug your shredder every time you leave. You can even let them into your home office without fear. Summer is here, which means the kids will be home from school and bored and probably hanging around your home office while you work. Make it a safe summer with a safe shredder.

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