Choosing the Right Binding

Your Choice in Binding Can Make a Difference

 What binding to use for your presentation, scrapbook, book report  or any other binding project may seem like an arbitrary choice. But different bindings have different advantages, depending on your needs.


Coil binding

The traditional coil or spiral binding is perfect if your bound document needs the flexibility to be opened 360 degrees. Use coil for creating directories, presentations or sales reports or any situation where you need the bound document to up take minimal desk space when opened.  Also, because your document can be opened fully, it prevents any information printed near the binding from getting lost . Coil binding is also great for creating custom cookbooks (takes up for little countertop space while following a recipe)

Comb binding

Comb binding provides the most economical binding method for the money. You can choose between metal and plastic combs. The biggest advantage of comb bound documents is the ability to edit the document after it has been bound. Pages can be added or removed easily with comb binding for last minute changes to sales proposals and book reports.


Wire Binding Machine

Thermal Binding

Thermal binding delivers the most impressive look for presentations. Perfect or book bound documents are essential for annual reports, corporate overviews and any other situation where presentation matters most.

Your Custom Journal Binding Machine

Thermal Binding Machine

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