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How to Use Your Tablet for Business

With the growing trend of remote work and work from home start-ups, small business owners are turning away from the conventional desktop computer to mobile options in the digital world. A combination of laptop, smartphone and tablet defines the gear of the modern mobile entrepreneur.

The tablet especially has rose to become an essential work tool. A recent article in BaseLine magazine reports 81% of respondents said tablets increased their productivity, and cited an increase in productivity of 20% or more. Here are some ways to integrate tablets into your business.


Tablets are more flexible than laptops for presentations and help maintain client engagement using touchscreen options.  Using a tablet case with versatile display capabilities, such as vertical or horizontal positions without having to remove the tablet from the case, allows for immediate and effective presentations.

tablet case with versatile display


Meeting with a client for the first time may require copious notes to learn more about their business needs. Lots of non-tech features may be essential when first engaging with a new client. Since typing away while they talk may be distracting, consider using a tablet case with notepad at the ready. This feature lets you capture key information with good old-fashioned pen and paper while still being personally engaged with your prospect. A file folder built into the case also makes it easy to refer to key documents relevant to your client without having to search on your tablet. And a case with easily accessible business cards helps when ending the meeting.

tablet case for meetings

Creating Critical Reports During Business Travel

The smaller size of tablets allows important documents to be created quickly and easily while in transit. Many business travelers select tablets over laptops for their compactness and lightweight portability. A case with a detachable Bluetooth keyboard makes typing convenient and fast in coffee shops and airports without plugging in. A protective case is also essential as a tablet can take a lot of dings on the road.

tablet case for business


Anatomy of the Ideal Business Tablet Case


Traveling with your digital devices? Here are some things you might need.


Phones, laptops and tablets help us stay productive, pass the time and keep us networked while traveling.  Here are a few extras that can help enhance that on-the-road digital experience.


Privacy Filters

On a crowded airplane, that casual glance at your laptop screen be annoying. Take the precaution of a privacy filter for peace of mind. Blackout privacy filters completely black out the side view of your laptop or tablet and even some smartphone screens(depends on the model). Yet the straight on view of the screen for you is completely clear. Privacy filter technology is improving, make screens easier to attach and remove for those occasions when you want to show someone your screen. Otherwise, even if you are not necessarily looking at confidential info, it’s still more comforting to keep your screen private.


Tablet Portfolios

Tablets are especially useful for business trips. They are compact and versatile and are quickly becoming one of the go-to digital technologies for quick and easy digital presentations. Now you can improve the productivity of your tablet by accessorizing. Tablet folios feature new designs that allow you to view your tablet free standing, or hand held, in vertical or horizontal orientations and in several different viewing angles. Executive folios even come with a Bluetooth keyboard.  And it doesn’t matter whether you are left handed or right handed, new folio designs accommodate both. It’s also nice to have traditional stand-bys with your tablet—such a writing pad, pen and business card holder, a few perks that make traveling with your tablet more productive.


Laptop Lapdesk

As wonderful as laptops are for travel, on a long flight they can leave your lap a little warm, if not hot. Lapdesks eliminate the burn. With built in cooling channels  you will never suffer from scorched thigh syndrome again. Modern designs also feature bumpers that keep the laptop securely in place and slightly angled for easy typing. Toss one in your briefcase or bag pack for your next trip.

The rise of the tablet for the mobile work force

MobilePro Series

With the labor force working more and more outside of the office, either working from home or on the go, accessories that fit the remote work style are becoming increasingly important in order for workers to be more productive. The new line of MobilePro Series products from Fellowes Brands addresses the needs of those who rely on their iPad® as a convenient way to work while they are away from the office by providing a variety of useful and innovative features.


“When planning the strategy to enter the market, we knew that we needed a concept that was highly differentiated and grounded in meeting the needs of the mobile worker that were not being met with other products that were already in-market,” said Senior Marketing Manager, Maria Angelakos. “When we put our concept in front of people in focus groups, they were most excited about the quality of the craftsmanship and the versatility of the products. They’re really wonderful because they go seamlessly from the office to home to on the go – both for work and for down time.”

The folios are all-in-one mobile workstations that allow users to conveniently carry and work with an iPad and paper. Distinctive to the folios is the patent-pending SmartConnect Case, which allows for an iPad to be used in-folio, free-standing or hand-held, in vertical or horizontal orientation, and at three viewing angles. In addition, the case features a custom-fit tray so that compatible iPads are held securely in place to provide protection for the device and peace of mind for the user. Because the case is detachable, the folios can also be used left- or right-handed. Other features include compatibility with an Apple® Smart Cover® and Apple® Smart Keyboard, a ballistic nylon exterior, business card holders, a pen loop, a file folder, a writing pad pocket and a strong magnetic closure.

The most comprehensive folio in the collection is the MobilePro Series Executive Folio for iPad Air®/Air® 2. In addition to the features listed above, for all folios, this folio comes with a Bluetooth® Keyboard that has its own carrying case. This iOS®-, Android– and Windows®-compatible keyboard also includes an integrated wrist rest for increased comfort and productivity.


Fellowes’ patent-pending SmartConnect System magnetically attaches the keyboard to the inside of the Executive Folio and to the outside of any of the Deluxe Folios for iPad Pro, iPad Air®/Air® 2, and any of the iPad mini devices. This progressive system of magnets securely “pairs” the keyboard to a folio, making it easier to carry both of them, together.