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Here Comes The Sun

Solar panels, photovoltaic - alternative electricity source

Fellowes Introduces Solar Panels to Their Itasca Headquarters

As part of their green initiative, Fellowes has added an energy-saving solar array to its Itasca, Illinois  headquarters. The switch was flipped on December 18th beginning a long-term goal of reducing power usage by utilizing solar energy at its manufacturing facility in the Chicago suburbs.

Power From the Sun

Fellowes partnered with SunVest Solar to install the rooftop solar array. The digital aspect of the solar installation will also include reports available to all Fellowes employees of the energy generated throughout the coming months.

Benefits of Solar Panels

This solar array will produce 1,327,060 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually. This is the equivalent of reducing the greenhouse gas from:

What Do Solar Savings Look Like?

The solar energy initiative will reduce carbon emissions equal to:

Path to Renewables

The initiative is part of the Path to 100 campaign to promote solar and wind alternative energy in Illinois. Along with creating cleaner energy in the state, the project also drives sustainability jobs and economic growth.

Part of a Greener Vision for Fellowes

More than just energy conservation through solar goals, Fellowes is implementing other strategies to reduce its carbon footprint and reduce waste.

Bright Ideas for Reducing Energy

The high-efficiency LED lighting in the Itasca manufacturing facility results in an average of 50% reduction in energy consumption.

Minimizing Waste Through Continuous Improvement

Fellowes has implemented company-wide recycling and waste reduction initiatives from the manufacturing floor to the administrative offices. By creating products from recycled content they have improved their environmental efforts.

Partnering with Eco-Friendly Suppliers

Fellowes has found ways to minimize emissions and make manufacturing greener. They reduced VOC output by partnering with ink suppliers for more environmental formulas and decreased CO2 output by economizing product packaging.