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Organizing a Christmas Scrapbook

holiday scrapbooking

A scrapbook made with a binding machine is a fun way to remember the holiday season creatively. You can make a new scrapbook each year and store them away as keepsakes when the kids get older.  Print all the photos you take at Christmas-time and set them aside along with other mementos such as greeting cards and even the holiday crafts the kids make in school. Tell a story with your scrapbook, designating sections of your memory book with different events throughout the holiday.

Christmas Decorating

Take photos while you decorate the inside and outside of the house. Get snapshots while picking out your Christmas tree and decorating it. Also, after Christmas, rather than putting away those  homemade ornaments the kids hung on the tree, glue them into the decorating section of your scrapbook as a lasting memory.

Holiday Parties

Whether you host Christmas dinner or invite the neighbors to an informal get-together, photos of the festivities make for laughs years later. Also include party invites and even a guest list of signatures to create an impressive artifact of the event.  These items, along with recipes you served up,  create a collage that will stir fond memories when you turn to these pages in the future.

Snow Fun

Though some Christmas seasons may be a little light on snowfall, that one white Christmas makes an inviting section of your scrapbook. Snap photos of the kids building a snowman, everyone having a snowball fight in the park or the kids sledding. Don’t forget photos of those snow angels in the yard.

Opening Presents On Christmas Day

Set aside a section when the kids dig into their gifts on Christmas morning, snapping shots of piles of wrapping paper on the floor and photos of all the gifts everyone received. Include gift tags and scraps of gift paper on the pages of this section as well.

Assembling Your Scrapbook

After the busyness of the holidays has come to a close you can settle down with all the items you have collected. Select different colored papers for each section of the book and begin gluing the photos in each section. Use glitter and other notions for page décor. Give titles to each page and cut out stenciled letters to give each page charm. When you have all of your pages completed, use your binding machine to punch holes in the organized scrapbook pages. Then bind the pages. Your holiday scrapbook is complete!

For tips on binding, refer to this helpful video: