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What Binding Works Best?

If you need to bind documents for your business or hobby, you will discover that there are different binding types. How to choose? After all, once you invest in  a binding machine you are committed to that binding type. Here are some tips to follow for deciding what type of binding works best for you.



Comb binding is less expensive that other types of binding and one of the most popular ways to bind documents.  It’s the right choice  if you need pages in your bound document to lay flat. For example, a sales presentation that you need to lay open on a desk top to show a potential client important details. Also comb binding lets you remove or add pages. For restaurants, this is a easy way to change a menu without having to start with a brand new document.


Wire binding on the other hand creates a tamper-resistant, permanently bound document. If you are creating a document that is destined to stay the same, than a wire binding machine is your best choice. Rely on wire binding for creating customized calendars, or family photo books. Wire binding is also great for creating internal office manuals that need to hold up to constant handling. Like comb, wire bound documents also display flat, making them equally useful for presentations. But wire binding is much stronger, so that lasting hold on pages ensures that the document you create will be around for awhile.


If you need to produce the most professional-looking documents, thermal binding may be your best choice. Thermal, or perfect binding, produces that book-like finish, free of punch holes. This approach is great for high end presentations. If you are making annual reports or a brochure that represents your company, a thermal bound document can deliver an impactful impression.

Unlike comb, the pages of thermal bound documents cannot be changed. So the document you create is permanent. Also both comb and wire offer a flat display advantage that thermal bound documents do not have. Essentially, high quality and a lasting impressive look is what will draw you to thermal binding.