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Create a Small Business Policies and Procedures Manual



Even imagessmall offices need to make sure policies are in order. Here are some simple steps.





Mission Statement

Create a mission statement for the beginning the of the handbook. A mission statement portrays a company’s main beliefs and goals for your company. Include a company overview,  listings of appointed officers and a brief company history.


Important Content to Protect Your Business

Place a statement concerning Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws in the manual. Attendance policies and any disciplinary and termination policies need to be clearly outlined.

Employee Benefits

Even if you only have a few employees, clearly defining the benefits they receive needs to be on paper. Provide detailed information concerning benefits such as sick days, vacation days and health insurance coverage. If your company offers an Employee Assistance Program, provide details regarding the confidentiality of the program and include contact information.

Binding Your Manual

Review the manual with an attorney to make sure you have covered all the important details. Bind your handbook  so it can be easily read and distributed to be new employees and maintains a professional look that reflects your business.


Not Sure of the Binding Type You Need for Your  Handbook? Select Here

Choosing the Right Binding

Your Choice in Binding Can Make a Difference

 What binding to use for your presentation, scrapbook, book report  or any other binding project may seem like an arbitrary choice. But different bindings have different advantages, depending on your needs.


Coil binding

The traditional coil or spiral binding is perfect if your bound document needs the flexibility to be opened 360 degrees. Use coil for creating directories, presentations or sales reports or any situation where you need the bound document to up take minimal desk space when opened.  Also, because your document can be opened fully, it prevents any information printed near the binding from getting lost . Coil binding is also great for creating custom cookbooks (takes up for little countertop space while following a recipe)

Comb binding

Comb binding provides the most economical binding method for the money. You can choose between metal and plastic combs. The biggest advantage of comb bound documents is the ability to edit the document after it has been bound. Pages can be added or removed easily with comb binding for last minute changes to sales proposals and book reports.


Wire Binding Machine

Thermal Binding

Thermal binding delivers the most impressive look for presentations. Perfect or book bound documents are essential for annual reports, corporate overviews and any other situation where presentation matters most.

Your Custom Journal Binding Machine

Thermal Binding Machine

Hot Desking: The Wave of the Future, or Just a Positive Spin on Downsizing

Hot desking essentially means creating one central office workstation for multiple employees, or in some cases an open plan office-no cubes or private closed door offices; instead a  cluster of communal workstations becomes the hub. This kind of an arrangement works well with alternating shifts and limited office space. Hot-desking also saves money by minimizing the work footprint and maximizing the output of a few workstations.

For entrepreneurs and many startups, hot-desking is the future of office work. Creating a hot desk location helps many small business owners get their businesses up and running when there are limited funds for office space and when operating costs need to stay low. If they have employees, they distribute the workload between home office, mobile technology and hot desk locations.

For any hot desk, the needs are simple:

  1. Maintain office supplies at the workstation and keep it organized.
  2. Make sure the station is comfortable for everyone who needs to use it. That means including well-being and ergonomic features that are adjustable and flexible to fit the needs of multiple computer users on a single computer.
  3.  Aside from a PC, copier, fax and printer, equip the hot desk workstation with other essential business machines including a shredder, binding machine for presentations, and a laminator.

As exciting as hot desking may seem for some, others see the trend as nothing more than an opportunity to downsize the office environment: limiting the comfort of the workplace, while expecting the same productivity.  Though there are no hard numbers on the trend, there are consistent complaints. The “odd couple” syndrome is by far the most common: a highly organized, very tidy individual sharing a desk with the complete opposite. For those situations, good management skills come in handy, matching the right workers at the same workstations.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hot Desking

What’s Good

1. Saves money

2. Better work/life balance

3. More interactive work environment

What’s Not So Good

1. Nothing personal about your workspace

2. No sense of permanence

3. One workstation+ multiple workers=lots of germs

Bound for Success: A Post-New Year’s Resolution Journal

If you haven’t already, you may soon-that is, breaking your New Year’s resolution. The typical resolution lasts roughly one to two months, leading to 60% in unused annual gym memberships. The reason for this phenomenon is that very few people can change their habits overnight. That doesn’t mean change is impossible. Taking small steps with realistic goals is attainable with a conscious, regulated modification of behavior.

A Bound Resolution Journal Records Gradual Change

Creating a resolution journal helps you be aware of gradual change. Record daily successes. Reinforce positive emotions that come with maintaining success, and if you slip, don’t beat yourself up. Forgive yourself and record in your journal how you will get back on track the following day.

Customizing Your Journal

The advantage of creating a customized journal you bind yourself, is that you can add personal comments that work specifically for you. Having a “Slip-Ups” Section on every page of your journal reminds you when you didn’t have any slip-ups, and compels you to record what feelings or events caused you to fall back on bad habits when you do.

Your Custom Journal Binding Machine

Your Custom Journal Binding Machine

A Rewards Page

Only with a customized bound journal can you create a rewards page for yourself. Every 14th page of your journal (every two weeks) you don’t have to record an entry. It’s a day-off to reward yourself for your long-term success. Of course, the reward shouldn’t relate to the habits you are trying to break, rather an alternative, healthy choice that helps remind you it’s not all about sacrifice.

Whether it’s weight loss or the desire to quit smoking, change shouldn’t come once a year. Your everyday resolution journal takes the pressure from overnight change and helps you gradually and effectively make improvements in your life.

Cutting Costs Without Cutting Corners

Oftentimes, modifying business budgets means making sacrifices for the sake of saving. But in cases of eliminating outside document managing services and converting to on-site services you can save money and improve the security and convienience of your document handling.

Many businesses are discovering this already. In a recent survey, 65% of business decision makers at small, medium and large sized businesses cited high costs, associated with their off-site document management, as the No. 1 reason organizations decided to leave their off-site provider and perform these functions in-house.

To help businesses better understand their on-site needs and the savings it can provide, Fellowes developed the Cost-Savings Analyzer. Using specific data by the user, this online tool helps create an estimated savings that would result from a conversion to on-site record storage, shredding or document finishing. The switch to on-site services not only provides  a savings, but also offers greater document security and in some cases improved efficiency with document handling and finishing.

On-Site Records Storage

Off-site records management services may seem like a convenience, but they are charging excessive fees just to store and retrieve your files. There are also other costs built into your invoice such as administrative fees, handling charges and re-boxing fees that can go overlooked as the cost of doing business.

 With on-site storage you buy the storage system you need—and that’s it. The rest is savings to the company. You can save up to 68% over off-site storage. Not only that, but now your records are more accessible and you eliminate any potential for a security breach or lost or damaged files—all of which can occur when records are in transit from off-site services.

 On-Site Shredding

Off-site shredding services are less conspicuous. The costs at first glance are incremental. But a projected view of overall spending on off-site document destruction can reveal an excessive and unnecessary long-term cost.

 Investment in shredders on-site is a nominal and one-time cost that eliminates the perpetual invoicing of off-site services. You get instant guaranteed document destruction for your peace of mind, you control who handles your confidential information, and shredding on-site only takes minutes a day.

 On-Site Binding & Laminating

Consider the same scenario for binding and laminating. How many laminated and bound documents do you produce monthly? If you are not performing these tasks on-site, you are probably spending a lot at the copy shop.

 By creating an in-office binding and laminating station you can save between 45 and 75% on these services. Keeping professional grade binding and laminating machines available not only saves money, but allows you to generate those needed documents quickly. You have complete control of your output, which means avoiding errors and missed deadlines. In addition, you are not risking exposing confidential information from presentations and reports to copy shop staff.

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