What the IT Department Is Adding To Your Office Computer


With the growing use of company laptops, tablets and smartphones in public, many IT departments are implementing low-tech solutions for privacy protection.

Using blackout privacy filters allows computer users to clearly view the contents of their screens without having to worry about shoulder surfing. Any content viewed from any side angle is blacked out while straight-on views are perfectly clear.

Issues with other privacy filters

The lack of popularity in other privacy filters resulted from a product that was so secure that even the computer user had difficulty viewing the screen. New innovations now offer the peace of mind to conduct business in public on computer devices without concern of privacy invasion from passers-by.

Easy application

The simple and easy application of blackout privacy filters allows many IT Departments to affix them with little effort to new laptops, tablets and smartphones issued to new employees. 

Office use of privacy filters

Blackout privacy filters are also available for desktop monitors. This addresses the issue of internal spying within the workplace. Corporates spies have become adept at infiltrating a company as a new employee and using sophisticated shoulder surfing techniques to see and sometimes even record confidential information in research and development departments, who may lower their guard around other workers.

Learn more about black privacy technology

The rise in shoulder surfing as a privacy threat

A recent survey of IT professionals found that 82 percent had little to zero confidence that employees were capable of concealing their device’s screen from peeping eyes; 82 percent believed it was possible that data had already been viewed off of their screens by the wrong eyes; and 85 percent reported being able to view sensitive data on a screen that they were not supposed to be looking at.

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