Three Essential Small Business Productivity Upgrades for 2015


1. Upgrade your Business Technology

Working with outdated software and using yesterday’s technology may seem like a cost-saving approach, but for any small business, time consumed by underperforming technology is money lost. Stay up to date so that interactions with customers and vendors remains efficient. Automate common tasks like shredding. Using “ walk away” automatic shredders allows you to get back to more essential business obligations while getting necessary shredding tasks performed. See what size automatic shredder you need for your business.

2. Upgrade to Temps and Part-Timers

Small business owners have a tendency to multi-task to save money. This nose-to-the-grindstone approach may seem admirable, but in the end, time and productivity are lost by owners too busy to be running the business. Use temps and part-timers to take over the less important jobs, so you can resume your role as company leader. After all, you are the CEO.

3. Upgrade to Experts

Many small business owners may try to self-train to perform important duties for their business without the help of others .Unfortunately, trying to wear too many hats eventually reveals your lack of expertise and comes off as a lack of professionalism to customers. Take charge by bringing in the right people-freelancers are great for offering expertise at an affordable rate to help your business grow.

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