The Growth of Co-Worker Work Spaces

Creating a Co-Worker Space

Co-working, the creation of a shared work space, continues to grow and positively influence those who participate. According to annual survey from, the maximum capacity of most spaces is now 41 people, and the average membership size is 44. Desk utilization is up, from 49% to 55%, meaning spaces are being used by their members more frequently. 62% said they have no plans to leave their locations, while less than 5% will stay just for one month, disproving the idea that co-workers are just mobile workers.

Who is the Typical Co-Worker?

53% are freelancers, with the remainder being a mix of entrepreneurs, and surprisingly, small company employees and big company employees, as companies seek new ways to maintain a workforce without the huge overhead of company-owned office space.

Expansion plans are running high: 29% of spaces plan to add extra desks, 9% want to upgrade to a bigger location, and 36% will open a new second location.

Other than desks, what else is needed for a co-worker work space?

commercial shredder that has the capacity for heavy usage and the efficiency to manage shredding jobs without a lot of attention required from workers focused on their own projects.

A universally accessible printer/scanner/copier as well as a binding and laminating station allow for comprehensive document production.

Plug and Work workstations may not be decked out with personal photos, but they can include work-ready laptop and tablet lifts for those on-the-go workers whose job descriptions need a home base for their mobile business.

Heavy, locking file cabinets can be cumbersome. Lightweight, mobile storage boxes with security features allows records  to be stored, rearranged and moved around the work space with ease.


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