Making Most of the Small Office

Ideas for Small Office Design

An office limited in space can still be functional  and aesthetically pleasing. Here are some tips for making small office space work great.

Upgrade Your Workstations

Disorganized desktops and workstation clutter contribute to the feeling of office claustrophobia. Keep things tidy and maintain comfortable and contemporary workstations. The appearance of elegant design and organization not only impresses office visitors but boosts morale.










New Look for Records Storage

File cabinets either take up space in the back room or, if there is no back room, fill the front office with their bulky, dull grey and black exteriors. Designer file drawer systems provide a contemporary and colorful addition that provides easy file accessibility and saves space without compromising your front office interior design.












Hot Desk Business Machine Hub

Organizing all your universally used business machines in one location in your office not only saves space but prevents  chaotic office traffic patterns caused by moving from laminating machine to binding machine to copier to shredder throughout the day. Plus, all business machines in one spot can also cultivate a water cooler sociability while getting work done.



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