Small Business & Identity Theft

It seems reasonable to assume that large companies with mountains of customer data  in their possession are the most likely targets for identity theft.  However, new research reveals identity thieves tend to target small businesses more often because their security defenses are weaker and access to information is easier to obtain.

In a recent survey by the Ponemon Institute,  55% of small businesses polled experienced at least one breach of their private records. Thirty-three percent of that 55% did not notify victims that their personal data had been exposed.

The Risks of Outsourcing

At least 85%  of small businesses polled shared customer  and employee records with third party services. Most of the small businesses surveyed also believed this to be the most “at risk” information when it came to identity theft.  Though outsourcing may be essential for many business functions, maintaining as many in-house services as possible can help minimize the risk to customer identity theft.

Shredding and Small Business

Shredders for small office use meet the shredding frequency and run time expectations of small business.  If your business has greater shredding needs, commerical shredders can meet those demands with longer run times and larger capacity bins.

Use the shredder selector to find a shredder that meets your small business needs.


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